At Meadow, we create beautiful heirloom
pieces that will live in your closet forever.
We use all natural fabrics.
Our design ethos is creating handcrafted

From fabric to hand dyeing and hand crafted techniques like embroidery, block printing; our products are treated with love and care by numerous local Indian craftmen.
Meadow is inspired by nature and women.
Romantic silhouettes that embody natural,
free spireted femininity and women's individuality
Prints and embroideries inspired by elements
of nature.
We believe in slow fashion.
Designing with only the natural materials
Empowering craftsmanship and encourage
handcrafted products.
All of our products are made in -house
in a fair wage environment.

Every product is made-to-order,
reducing our waste and ensuring that
your pieces are thoughtfully one-of-a-kind.

To know more about our design process,
Reach us at